EternaBot: RNA Secondary Structure Design

EternaBot is an efficient algorithm for determining a RNA sequence for a given secondary structure, or base pairing arrangment. It was the culmination of years of work from hundreds of players of the Eterna cloudlab project. Try it for yourself below!

Submit your EternaBot job

To limit how long it takes to run jobs, this webserver has a limit of 200 nucleotides and 10 solutions. For larger jobs, please use a local copy of Eternabot. Don't know where to start? Try an example input secondary structure and sequence.

The desired secondary structure of the designed sequence in dot bracket notation.
Restriction on possible bases for generated solutions, using valid IUPAC nucleic acid notation sumbols (A, C, G, T, U, W, S, M, K, R, Y, B, D, H, V, and N). When not provided, each position can be any nucleotide (A,C,G or U), equivalent to specifying a sequence containing all “N”s. If this field is filled out with an exact sequence, that allows for just getting Eternabot's score for the given target structure and sequence.
Provide a name for your submission to help you more easily recognize it later
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